Sunday, July 11, 2010

MaMa's Pizza - lunch with Sunday School friends

We have the BEST Sunday School Class ever-the SONseekers. We attend Westside Church here in Omaha and have for all 12 years we have lived here. Our class is such a caring, supportive group of friends. We have established this tradition of eating lunch together almost every Sunday. We have a variety of favorite places - we have to find a place that opens at 11 and can handle our loud, large bunch. Today, we went to MaMa's Pizza at 156th and Pacific. It is a favorite due the onion rings which are amazing, the pizza, the homemade garlic ranch dressing, the large eating area, the way the tables are arranged so we can put the guys at one table, the ladies at another and the kids at others plus... it is just down the parking lot from Pettit's Pastry!

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