Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Bang Bang Shrimp - Whole 30 and Keto

 Hi friends - I am still cooking - mainly Whole 30 and clean Keto dinners.  I recently made this Bang Bang Shrimp from Ashley at Healthy Little Peach.  I love Ashley's recipes.  I follow her on Instagram - love her southern charm and her sweet family.  

I didn't make any changes to Ashley's recipe.  I did use already cooked shrimp so I just put them in a bit to warm.  It turned out great.  You just don't want to heat them too long or they will get chewy.  I served my husbands over regular pasta.  I served mine over the hearts of palm pasta.  I know they have it at Trader Joe's.  I ordered mine from Amazon.  I think it is an awesome low carb substitute for pasta.  Ashley serves it over cauliflower rice. Palmini is a popular brand that is on Amazon too... and in local stores. 

This is totally yummy!  You need to give it a try!!  My husband thought this recipe was a keeper.