Monday, January 3, 2011

SPIKE seasonings - product review

I received a box of Spike Brand Gourment, All Purpose All Natural Seasoning in all of their varities. This product was originally created by Gayelord Hauser. SPIKE is making a grand entry back into the marketplace. I cooked dinner last night, seasoning 3 chicken breasts with the Original, the Lemon-Pepper and the Hot-n-Spicy. They were all three very good. We had fresh broccoli that I steamed and we put only the Vege-Sal Magic and we all loved the broccoli.

After doing some research, I see that SPIKE is well loved on hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, asparagus, popcornetc. There are many uses and it seams to be loved by all. I will continue to use all of these and let you know what we think.

SPIKE is distributed by Modern Products, Inc. of Mequon, WI. Please visit their website. I know you will pleased with the information found. Also visit for great ideas and featured recipes. If you can't find SPIKE locally, please check Amazon. There were quite a few good reviews on AMAZON where customers couldn't live without this seasoning.


Anonymous said...

great review, especailly since i LIVE in WI and have never heard of this brand, thanks! anne

Julie said...

Really enjoyed the review, that looks like an awesome selection of spices you got! Anything that livens up broccoli is a good thing :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Those sound great!