Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW day!

Today was a snow day - and I am thinking tomorrow may be too. It is still snowing! It is beautiful outside - no wind - just a nice snowy day! The fire is on, the dogs are snoozing, hubby is at work, two daughters are studying for finals and the youngest is out sledding with friends - I am going to go read! ( I will probably bake something too - my favorite thing to do on a snow day!

cute sign in front of our house :)

our house in Omaha, Nebraska

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Jessie said...

Snow days our nice! Enjoy your book! You have a Beautiful home! :)
We have had 51 inches of snow since the beginning of December so...yep we have had many snow days as well! Nature! Snow days kind of get old after while though. I am ready for spring!