Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crockpot Sour Cream Salsa Chicken

One of my favorite things about blogging is visiting other blogs and finding easy, good recipes to share with my friends and fellow bloggers. I am always up for an easy crockpot meal. I have made something similar to this before but loved the addition of sour cream to this one. We love anything with a Mexican flair. I got this recipe from Cindy at Hun..What's For Dinner? There are so many fun blogs. I see Cindy got this recipe from Lori at My Kinda Rain. I highly recommend exploring the blogging world!

Crock pot Sour Cream Salsa Chicken
Lori- My Kinda Rain


4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 pkg. Reduced sodium taco seasoning mix
1 cup salsa
2 Tbsp. cornstarch
¼ cup light sour cream

Spray crock pot with cooking spray. Add chicken breast and sprinkle with Taco seasoning. Add salsa and cook on low for 6 hrs. when ready to serve remove chicken and mix cornstarch with a bit of cold water. Stir into the salsa sauce. Stir in sour cream and mix well - return chicken to crock pot and coat with sauce.

*I took the chicken out of the crockpot, shredded it - added the corn starch and sour cream to the salsa mixture and then added the shredded chicken back in. I served it in flour tortillas with refried beans, Mexican rice, sour cream, cheese, shredded lettuce, avocados, and black olives. YUM!

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