Saturday, December 18, 2010

English Toffee with Cashews

I teach 3 year old preschool and one of my mom's shared this yummy recipe with me. I tried English Toffee in the past and never got that perfect texture. Gina was encouraging and told me I could do this. I gave it another try and it was AMAZING! I don't think I have had toffee with the nuts in the toffee. Typically, it is plain toffee with chocolate on the top and the some type of nuts sprinkled on the chocolate. I made this toffee both ways…but I really like the cashews in the toffee the best. The key for perfect toffee is a candy thermometer and not giving up until you reach that hard crack stage of about 302 degrees. This is easy - YOU can do it too. Give it a try - your family will love you!

I made this toffee without any nuts-also yummy. Another favorite is chopped, salted almonds on bottom with dark chocolate on top… then finely chopped almonds sprinkled on top with sea salt flakes. 
English Toffee 

2 sticks butter 
1 cup sugar 
pinch salt 
Salted  cashew pieces 
Milk chocolate chips 

Butter a glass dish and sprinkle with cashews. In a heavy pan, melt butter, sugar and salt on medium high stirring constantly. Mixture will start to boil and turn amber-colored.   Mixture will be foamy. Boil for about 12 minutes or until your candy thermometer reaches hard crack stage - don't give up.  When it reaches about 302 degree F, pour evenly over cashews. This hardens immediately so pour it where you want it to go. Top with Hershey bars or I just sprinkle milk chocolate chips evenly over the top. Allow a minute or so to melt and spread with a knife. After chocolate has hardened, score with a knife and cut into squares or break apart. Enjoy this TO DIE FOR treat! Printable Version

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