Thursday, May 24, 2012

Annie's graduation party

In Nebraska, the tradition is for the family of the graduate to have an open house.  The parties start in early May and go to early June.  The food is often favorites of the graduate.  One might be a brunch, another catered Mexican food or Italian food or BBQ.  We chose to do a dessert open house since Annie loves ice cream and frosting. I had a blast planning and picking out some of Annie's favorites and of course, adding crowd favorites.  Cheese burger in Paradise serves Blue Bell Ice Cream from Texas and they were so kind to order me 3 gallons of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.  This was a huge a hit so I will have to have more if we do this theme for Jenna next year.  The sundae bar was such fun.  We also had a "Candy Bar" with some favorite candies.  The dessert table was filled with Oreo Balls, Red Velvet Cake Balls, Monster Bars, English Toffee and popcorn balls from our local Vic's Popcorn.  I even through in a favorite of Annie's - animal crackers and canned vanilla frosting.  The delightful cupcakes were made by Corie at Sweets from Scratch.

After lots of prayer, TONS of help from friends and family, the party was a a success.  My wonderful friends dipped and frosted for about 4 hours the night before the party, while another made cupcakes and a candy for the party.  My sweet friends also worked the ENTIRE party so I could mingle. God graced us with a beautiful night as well, and it was so nice to have my mom and Chris' parents here to celebrate with Annie.

The Candy Bar - I had little treat bags stamped with "Annie" for treats to go ")

We also had a DIY Photo Booth set up in the basement with props, etc.  We got some priceless pics!

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