Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Velvet Cake Balls

I was introduced to cake balls about 4 or so years ago. A preschool teacher friend made them - her daughter got the recipe while in college in Texas and she called them TEXAS Cake Balls. Since then, cake balls seem to be all the rage. I have made chocolate cake balls, strawberry cake balls and recently I tried - Red Velvet Cake Balls. I knew these would be yummy and so perfect for Valentine's Day.

When you are making your cake balls, be creative with the flavor of cake mix you choose, the frosting and whether you dip them in white or chocolate almond bark. I don't always love almond bark - I prefer a mixture of almond bark and chocolate to get the best flavor. I do love Kroger's Vanilla Candy Coating as it is whiter in color and seems to taste better. I know your Valentine will love this tasty treat!

Cake Balls

1 box of cake mix
1 tub of frosting
Almond bark

Bake cake according to directions. Let it cool. Dump the cake into a large bowl and crumble. Mix the crumbled cake with a container of any prepared frosting - or you can make your own frosting from scratch. Using a fork, mix really well. Cover and refrigerate until chilled as this makes it easier to roll into balls. Spray your hands and roll the mixture into 1 inch balls. Freeze balls for several hours as this will help them stay together when dipping them in the melted almond bark. Use a tooth pick to dip each ball into melted almond bark, using a spoon to assist and then to fill in the hole as you slide the ball off the toothpick. I drain the extra almond bark off the bottom of the ball before placing it on the cookie sheet. Let them sit a bit to harden.

I also melt some contrasting almond bark and then spoon the melted almond bark into a small ziploc bag. Snip the corner just a tiny bit and then drizzle the top of the balls. For example, white cake balls drizzled with chocolate almond bark or drizzled with white almond bark that has been colored with red food coloring, etc. OR dip in chocolate almond bark and drizzle with white almond bark. With my Red Velvet cake balls - I chose to sprinkle the red chunky sugar on top.

Store these in the freezer until the night before you serve them or just store in an airtight container if ready to eat.

Please be creative with this fun recipe. You and your children or grandchildren will enjoy making these and even more - they will LOVE eating them!

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Pam said...

How cute and tasty are they?!?