Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuft & Needle - mattress in a box delivered to your door

I have another great item to share!

If you talk to me regularly, you know I just don't sleep.  I have added Young Living essential oils to my routine...and that has helped... but I just don't sleep great.

This may be too much "TMI" for some of you....Chris and I have had a queen bed since we got married.  In the last year, I always felt like I was keeping him awake so I would end up sleeping in one of the girl's rooms or on the couch.. or several places a night. He calls me the "nomad" sleeper.  Tucker, our 7 lb yorkie-poo follows me where ever I go.  If I move locations, he moves with me.

About two months ago, I told Chris... "We need a king bed - Tucker and I are coming back".  I just need a king bed - just more room to move and not feel like I am driving him crazy.

Chris read about Tuft & Needle and REALLY wanted to give it a try.

We got the King mattress. There are two choices- we went with “The Mint”.

                           This is the mattress - comes just like this

A few fun facts...*95 out of 100 people keep the mattress but if you try it for 100 days and don't like it, Tuft & Needle will refund your money, pick up your mattress and donate it to your favorite charity.  You just can't lose!  *And....the mattress comes in a 19 x 19 x 44 inch box.

We started off with just the mattress and slept on it for a few weeks.   Chris loved it as is but I was thinking I might like a little more “squish”.. Chris read in the reviews that they had a softer foam pad they would send we if you needed a little extra "something".... for no extra charge.  We just got the new layer and I love it.  Chris thinks the new layer is "too hot" for him so we are taking it off for a bit to re-evaluate.

Chris thought the customer service was point on.   We were both very pleased with the service.

Please visit the Tuft & Needle website.  Currently, they are having $100 off if you spend $1000.

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