Wednesday, April 18, 2018

an Etsy favorite - personalized koozies

I love Etsy!  I have been ordering from Etsy for years - gifts for my teachers, wedding gifts, sorority gifts, graduation, pillow covers for me, etc.  I have never been disappointed!

My Baylor girls, not my Baylor daughters, but MY Baylor girls from when I was at Baylor in the eighties.... do at least one girl's trip a year. We went to Santa Rosa Beach at Watercolor... just near Seaside.. this past weekend.  It was so fun!  12 of us this trip!  We can talk for hours!

I love Happy Thoughts shop on Etsy!  Alice is great!  I have ordered from her several times.  I noticed she has her own website now too -

I wanted to get a little treat for my Baylor girls - just a little fun "party favor"  or a "sussy" as they call it in the south....for our Florida weekend. I sent Alice a message just a few weeks before the trip and asked her if she could get them done quickly.  She said no problem.  I gave her the names and let her pick the designs.  I have also given this gift to my preschool teachers.  I love these fun koozies!

Check out Etsy for your next gifts!

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