Thursday, April 5, 2018

All Birds - wool runners

Hi all - I enjoy cooking but with my girls out of the house, I just don't cook like I used to.  I promise to still share favorite recipes.

On another note, I am always sharing other fun "favorites" with friends.  I have one friend that says I am usually in "the know".  I am SO NOT "in the know" but we do have three daughters that keep me up on fun stuff.  So, I am going to share some of my "favorites".  I promise to get some recipes in too.

I just turned 55 last week - can't even believe I am the same as the speed limit.  I am 7 months older than my husband and he is loving it.  He is telling everyone that I am in a "different bracket" from him now.  He is right!  He said I could pick up coffee for him at McDonalds now - for free!  I am glad he is enjoying a chuckle out of my 55ness!

I walk a lot at preschool.  I am a preschool director and I often get my 10,000 steps in while at work.  My middle daughter was telling me about these cool new "wool runners"... all birds.  I was in Austin during my spring break and Jenna wore her all birds every day.  She went on and on how comfy they are.  She wore them without socks - you can wash them on the wool cycle and they also have a WAY comfy innersole that comes out and you can wash.  Jenna was kind enough to order the exact pair for my birthday - I LOVE THEM!  They are so comfy, not hot and just amazing.  They come in fun colors - even a new light pink and red for spring.  And - they have men's shoes.  I think Chris would like some for Father's Day.   Free shipping too - woohoo!

I am not making any money from this - just wanted to share!!  Check out all birds - I love them!

                         Women's Wool Runners

I had noticed another pair of all birds that would be perfect for a preschool director - and they are.  I wore them yesterday.  They are called "women's wool loungers".  They do look a tad like slippers but I wore them with jeans and cute shirt yesterday to preschool.  So comfy!  Annie and Meg gave me these for my birthday!  It was an "all bird" kind of birthday!

                             Women's Wool Lounger 

Review of this shoe from The Points Guy (thanks to my friend Lori)

 They also have a new Tree Runners - but I don't have them yet!  

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