Saturday, December 6, 2014

Layered Pesto Dip

I LOVE this dip!!  I love everything in it!  I have a new friend that sells Premier Jewelry and she shared the recipe with several of us.  Debi is great at her job and I have so enjoyed getting to know her.

This recipe is fabulous.  You could totally switch it up to your liking.  I added feta cheese as a layer and you could totally add sundried tomatoes as a layer or parmesan cheese or switch the pine nuts to toasted almonds.  Be creative!  This is the perfect, easy, holiday appetizer!!  I even made it a day ahead - except I didn't top it off with toasted pine nuts until just before serving!!

Layered Pesto Dip

Layer these items in a round flat dish or souffle dish or even a glass pie pan.

1.  8 oz cream cheese, softened, spread thinly
2.  Prepared pesto (I used the one from Costco)
3.  Crumbled feta cheese
4.  Slivered grape tomatoes
5.  Toasted Pine Nuts

Chill!  Serve with your favorite cracker!

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