Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

I saw this recipe on a great blog.... LICK THE BOWL GOOD. Monica is a Texas girl too and has lots of great recipes and pictures. I highly recommend checking out her fun site.

I made her Pepperoni Pizza Puffs and they turned out awesome. I doubled the recipe as I was taking it to our Pitch Card Club. I was very pleased with how easy the recipe was and even better... how tasty these little puffs really are. My hubby suggested using ham and a few different spices and making these for a breakfast treat.

Please visit Lick the Bowl Good - Monica's has the recipe and great pictures of these little puffs!


Monica H said...

Hi Susan,

I'm so glad you liked the pizza puffs. You're husband is right about adding ham and making them into breakfast puffs. Those would rock!

Thanks for linking back to my blog- I appreviate it!

Have a great week fellow Texas :-)


Anonymous said...

oh those are right up my alley!!!


Jessie said...

Perfect football food!

Anonymous said...

I have seen something like this before, and I bookmarked it... and then forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder, now I totally want to make these again! I feel like it would be especially yummy in this cooler fall weather!