Thursday, August 11, 2022

No Churn Ice Cream

 This is your friendly reminder, if you haven't made No-Churn Ice Cream, you just need to!  It is so easy... it tastes amazing, it freezes hard, it scoops and there are endless possibilities.  

So many friends are making it here in Omaha.  I made Oreo and Fudge last week and then I made Butterfinger/Fudge.  One friend made caramel, toffee and Biscoff cookie butter.  That same friend tried a chocolate ice cream version with fudge/oreo.  Another friend made three this weekend - a new variety of Mint Chocolate.  I love seeing all of the varieties.  I was just researching with a friend on how to make... Strawberry Cheesecake!  It can be done!

I like lots of texture and goodies in my ice cream.  The key for me is a thin layer of ice cream, generous toppings, thin layer of ice cream, generous toppings... and continue to the top of a loaf pan until all of the ice cream is gone. 

I will share the basic recipe and then you can be creative.  

Basic No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe

16 container of heavy whipping cream
14 oz can condensed milk
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla, optional

Beat whipping cream to form a stiff peak (when you pick the beaters up, you should have a "peak").  Gently fold in the condensed milk and vanilla and add the pinch of salt.  That is it.  Layer in a loaf pan or basically any dish that can go in the freezer.  As I mentioned above, I like lots of texture/goodies in my ice cream so my ice cream layers are thin.  I layer until all of ice cream is gone.  Top with some of your goodies. The ice cream scoops out like regular ice cream.  Enjoy!

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