Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jenna's Graduation Party

Our sweet Jenna graduated from high school last week.  It has been a whirlwind month with preschool graduations and my own daughter graduating from high school and... our oldest coming home after her first year in college.  I knew when Annie and Jenna were born and they were just one grade apart that we would have our busy moments - this was one of them!

The graduation party was a huge success - Jenna loved it and that was of most importance.  We did a dessert themed party similar to Annie's with a few different desserts, candies, more Blue Bell Ice Cream and a different color theme.

I cannot tell you how much fun a dessert party is.  I also have to tell you how much I appreciate all of my friends and their help.  My dear friend Sue did most of the decorating, my friend Barb helped with the "Jenna" table, my friend Donna made two amazing cheesecakes for the party and Michelle, Lori, Tammy, Kathy, Donna and Shelley spent several hours dipping Oreo balls, Red Velvet Cake balls, Cookie Dough Truffle and frosting sugar cookies.  We had a party... the night before the party!  I truly couldn't have pulled off Jenna's fun party without the help from family and friends!  Thank you!

Monster Bars, Lemon Bars, English Toffee, White/Dark Chocolate Candy with Sea Salt and Pecans, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Sugar Cookies, Precious CAMERA cookies made by a sweet preschool mom, Oreo Balls, Red Velvet Cake Balls, Cookie Dough Truffles, Mini Gigi's Cupcakes And Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream Sundaes served in the Kitchen (Missing from this picture - the wonderful Brownie Cheesecake was front and center and on the top of the right tiered was Jenna's favorite - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Avalanche Apples - sliced)

  Jenna and her good friend Jay!  The rest of the graduation pictures are still on the camera!  :)

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