Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taylor's Favorite - "Better Than Sex" Cake

I grew up calling another dessert - "Better Than Sex".  It was that layered dessert with pecans, butter and flour on the bottom layer, powdered sugar and cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding, layer, Cool Whip layer and chocolate shavings.  It is also amazing!

Annie's best friend, Taylor, LOVES this version of "Better Than Sex".  Her sweet Grandma Martin makes it for her every chance she gets.  I have eaten this cake often when gathering with our dear friends but I hadn't made it til recently.  My girls love it too.  I made it planning to take to preschool to share with the teachers and my youngest wasn't thrilled that I was taking it someplace else.  I, of course, left a few pieces at home.

This cake is easy and delicious!  I like keeping the items on hand so I can make it anytime I need a quick, fun dessert.  Everybody loves this "Better Than Sex"!

Annie and Taylor - so miss these two college freshman

"Better Than Sex" Cake

1 German Chocolate Cake Mix, cooked according to directions
1 can condensed milk
1 jar Mrs. Richardsons butterscotch and caramel sauce
1 small Cool Whip
toffee/chocolate pieces

Make the cake according to the directions.  Right out of the oven while the cake is hot, poke it with holes and pour in the condensed milk.  Continuing poking holes and pour in the butterscotch caramel sauce.  Allow cake to cool.  Top with Cool Whip and toffee/chocolate pieces.  Refrigerate and enjoy!

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