Friday, August 17, 2012

Annie is off to Baylor

I cannot believe we just dropped our oldest off at Baylor University!  I went to Baylor so you have to know I was thrilled when Annie chose to attend Baylor.  The fact that Waco, Texas is about 13 hours from Omaha, Nebraska isn't the greatest but I know Annie is where God wants her to be.  She has a wonderful roommate and she has already connected with friends from the past as well as making a ton of new friends.  Baylor does a great job of connecting everyone through Baylor Line Camp and Welcome Week.  

Prayers for our sweet girl as she starts this new chapter in her life!  We love you Annie!

Annie and Gracie got a corner room so it was a little bigger than most - they were thrilled.  Annie was so excited when she and Gracie were first introduced to find out ..... they both love yellow.  AND - they both wear a size 7 shoe!  What more could a girl want in a roommate!

Annie and Gracie - Baylor University Freshmen :)


anniebakes said...

Congrats! She will have a great time at college, and believe me, I know that it's hard, but it's so fun to hear of all the college experiences! anne

Julie said...

It's so hard to let them go but it gets easier. I still remember the day I moved Justin into his dorm. I cried all of the way home but it gets easier and is such a fun time in their lives.

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