Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snicker/Apple Salad

The day after Christmas, we were just hanging out at my brother and sister in law's house.  The weather was yucky, and Rob was making us chicken and dumplings (recipe to come).  You would think we wouldn't want much food the day after Christmas.   Like I said - we needed comfort food.  I was thinking .... what can I make that I have never made before... that my girls love and that I know my nephews will enjoy.  Snickers/Apple Salad came to mind.  I am not sure why this is called a salad but none the less - it is so yummy.  My youngest nephew Reid thought it was "awesome".  It got to the point we were just all diving in with our own spoon - forget putting this fun concoction in a bowl for individual consumption!  :)  Please try this salad.  Great for any gathering because EVERYONE loves it!

Snickers/Apple Salad

16 oz Cool Whip, thawed
1 small pkg instant French Vanilla pudding
4 apples, diced
6 full size Snickers, diced

Mix Cool Whip with pudding.  Add apples and snickers.  Sprinkle with a little of the Snickers.  Chill and  Enjoy!

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Taylor said...

I grew up eating Snicker and Apple salad....this stuff is the best!!

Julie said...

My husband's family serves this at every family dinner! I question the "salad" as well. This year someone else brought cookie "salad". I think it's a Minnesota thing.