Thursday, January 21, 2021

Buffalo Chicken Patties with Spicy Ranch

 Hello all, I am still cooking.  I am trying some new Clean Keto recipes and so far so good.  I love Healthy Little Peach and Tastes Lovely.  I follow them on Instagram.  Both ladies are constantly sharing amazing recipes and ideas.  

Recently, I made two recipes from Healthy Little Peach.  I made her Tuscan Sausage Soup (keto and paleo) which was absolutely amazing.  I didn't get a good picture but we both loved it.  

Then, I made Buffalo Chicken Patties (keto and Whole 30) from Healthy Little Peach... and her spicy ranch and they were fabulous.  We both loved them.  In my older age, I don't like spicy food as much but these weren't too spicy.  I thought they were great!  

Please visit Healthy Little Peach and make both of these recipes.  I pretty much stuck to the recipes.  You definitely have some choices whether you want to use cream cheese or Kite Hill non-dairy cream cheese... or make your own mayo to make the spicy ranch.  I was trying to stay dairy-free on these two recipes so I stuck to the recipe.  I did buy Sir Kensington's avocado mayo to make the spicy ranch.  

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