Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tyler Candles and Glamorous Wash

Washing sheets has never been my favorite thing to do.  I have some friends that wash and change sheets every week.  I am more of an every other week kinda girl!  Yes, this is an EXTRA in life but I so love this Tyler Glamorous Wash - for my sheets, towels and anything else you want to wash in it.  The most popular fragrance is DIVA.  I also love French Market and Entitled.  They also have other yummy fragrances.  Even if you just washed your guest bedroom sheets in one of these - your guests will be thrilled. 

Tyler Candle is Company is out of Tyler, Texas  - just about 40 minutes from where I grew up.  I also love their candles.  I especially love Pineapple Crush. 

As for the laundry, they also have dryer sachets and even scented drawer liners.  The laundry wash comes in a tiny trial size and then several other sizes - even up to a gallon. 

I am not sure if my Omaha peeps can get this locally... or not.  I used to find it at Bliss Boutique but you would have to call and verify.  You can also order through Tyler Candle Company and even on Amazon.  

I promise you will love the candle and the glamorous wash!  

                                    Small trial size
                                   Larger size

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