Monday, December 10, 2018

White Chocolate Snack Mix - version 1

I love Christmas treats and I love making them and I love sharing them.  I have eaten the yummy white chocolate snack mix but never made it.  I love it!  I usually love only things in milk or dark chocolate but this snack mix is way yummy. I love that I could throw it in any Christmas chocolate.... or change it up to Fall M & M's or Easter M & Ms, etc.  You could use different nuts, switch up the cereal.... add some Cheerios, etc.  Easy and yummy and makes a lot... to share with friends!

White Chocolate Snack Mix

2   10 oz bags of white chocolate chips (could add another bag or some white almond bark for extra                    coverage)
1 box cereal (rice Chex or Crispix, etc.)
16 oz bag of shaped pretzels
1  10  oz bag of M & Ms
2 cups of salted, cocktail peanuts

In a microwave container, melt the white chocolate slowly, in 40 minute increments, until melted. Mix the cereal, pretzels, M & Ms and peanuts in a very large container
(large silver roasting pan, extra large bowl or an unscented trash bag).  Pour the melted white chocolate over the crunchy mixture and gently toss to avoid breaking.  Store in an airtight container and enjoy over the holidays.  Share with friends!

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