Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boxer Barbeque in Council Bluffs, Iowa

We are often looking for that perfect small "dive" to enjoy some amazing food.  Chris works in downtown Omaha and had been just over the river to try Boxer Barbeque.  Being from Texas, we have eaten a lot of BBQ.  Chris raved and raved about this BBQ so we ventured with some friends over to Council Bluffs.  Believe me - our trip was not a disappointment!  The food was fabulous!  I had brisket, Chris had a two meat plate with brisket and baby back ribs with a side of bacon potato salad and baked beans.  One of our friends had a three meat dinner with brisket, baby back ribs and shanks - with onion rings and the other had Barbeque Nachos.  The cornbread was sweet with this amazing buttered topping ( took four pieces home to the girls - they love that sweet cornbread)  AND - we don't normally order dessert but they had a big sign suggesting "Bread Pudding - fried..... with a praline caramel sauce served with vanilla ice cream".    This was truly one of the most amazing desserts ever!  I am not always a fan of bread pudding - but these crunchy edges, with the sauce and.... a little ice cream!  OH MY STARS!  This was a HUGE loaf!  The four of us ate half and we took the rest home for my sweet hubby to enjoy the next night!

Please visit Boxer Barbeque - you will love it!  We so enjoyed visiting with the owner.  He loves what he does and enjoyed telling us about his Boxers he has home.  He is getting a new Boxer puppy in the near future!

Oh - and they cater too!!

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