Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shrimp Christmas Tree

I made this festive shrimp tree years ago and thought I would try it again when I heard my friend Tammy was having a party.  I love to cook and help my friends entertain. Tammy was kind enough to indulge me.  The tree turned out great.  Tammy had a wonderful party with great food and this Shrimp Christmas Tree was a nice centerpiece in her buffet line. I guess the bad thing is that it is kind of a last minute "put together" but it is so worth it.  Grab a friend to help you out during your next holiday gathering!   Also, excuse my poor photography once again.  I took this picture with my phone just as the party was starting so I didn't get a good picture.  I do see a few holes where I should have put more shrimp or another cherry tomato.  I promise this is so much better looking in person.  Be creative!

Shrimp Christmas Tree

18 inch or so styrofoam cone covered in green wrapping paper
4 lbs shrimp - cooked, peel and deveined  - with tails on
festive toothpicks
cherry tomatoes
a tree topper


Anonymous said...

that's beautiful and I'd love to dig into it! anne

Julie said...

That is too cute, and clever!