Monday, August 1, 2011


We were supposed to go back to TEXAS for our summer gathering but my mom and brother talked me out of it.  We were supposed to go to Six Flags but it was around 105 degrees so we planned a last minute vacation to Breckenridge.  We have been there in the winter but never in the summer - WE LOVED IT!  We hiked, did the Peak 8 fun park ( Meg has some nice elbow and knee strawberries from the alpine slide) and we went White Water Rafting.  The temperatures were awesome.  We also did some amazing eating - of course.  If ever in Breckenridge - we LOVED Empire Burger and the cheese fries.  We actually ate there twice.  We had great pizza a Giempietros and a great meal at the Motherloaded Tavern.  Daylight Donuts was highly recommended for breakfast but we never got up early enough.  We did however manage to stop by Mary's Mountain Cookies at least three of our nights while walking around Main Street.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  It is still SO hot here in Omaha.  I haven't been posting quite as much but I will try to catch up soon!

Just a few pics from our hike on McCullough Gulch Trail.  I have more pics to share soon!

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Julie said...

Beautiful!! Tim and Mike just did a long weekend to Denver. They were so glad to be in less humid and hot temps :)